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  1. Thanks Please all feel free to share this around so we can get more members on gamemerk! :)
  2. zerodev

    [VIP] SF1 Bullgamerz

    I think you need to use the version 3 when crosshatch updates it because this one is outdated
  3. Yes just download and follow instructions in the download page
  4. Version 1.0.0


    To run this cheat please put sf2.dll in your C:\ directory and run the loader as admin, then keep the window open while you run sf2. Dont close the window until a message box says its done (takes like 10-20seconds)
  5. Hey happy to release my first big sf2 cheat for gamemerk, please feel free to share it around! Credits: danozombie for the menu and features Crosshatch for xigncode and loader stuff and crash fixes Download & Instructions (Please read instructions on the download page!!) Features Aimbot Enable Aim Aim Key [RMOUSE, LMOUSE, SHIFT, L ALT, ALWAYS] Aim By [DISTANCE, FOV, HP] FOV Angle [1...45] HP Limit [0...99] Aim Position [RAND, HEAD, CHEST, HAND] Bone Refresh Time [0...100ms] Auto Fire Smooth Aim [0...5] Silent Aim Smart Accuracy Hard Lock ESP 3D Enable ESP [ENEMY, TEAM, BOTH] Name ESP Distance ESP Health ESP Bone ESP Head Circle ESP Bounding Box [OFF, 3D, 2D] Laser ESP Alien & Zombie ESP Snap Lines Grenade ESP Im Dead ESP Show Player Stats Enemy Visible [RED, ORANGE, YELLOW] Enemy Invisible [RED, ORANGE, YELLOW] Team Visible [BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW] Team Invisible [BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW] ESP 2D Enable Radar [OFF, ON] Enemy Color [RED, ORANGE, YELLOW] Team Color [BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW] Border Color [BLACK, WHITE, RED, BLUE] Quadrant Color [BLACK, GREY, WHITE, RED, BLUE] Background Color [GREY, WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN] Background Opacity [0...255] Radar Scale [25...200] Radar Size [50...400] Move Radar Player CrossHair [OFF, ON] CrossHair Size [5...100] Unl.Ammo Mode [OFF, ON] Always Throw Weapon on Death Full Weapon Auto Range Hack Burst Fire [OFF, ON] No Recoil No Spread Triggerbot [OFF, ON] Change Name [OFF, ON] No Flash No Smoke No Respawn Cost Auto Respawn [OFF, M, < X HP] Respawn on HP [10...99] No Bullets Gravity Auto Switch (QQ) Special Enable OPK [OFF, ON] OPK Target [ENEMY, TEAM, BOTH] OPK Key [EVER, L] OPK Damage Type [C4, GRENADE, TURRET, NULL] OPK Bone [HEAD, CHEST, RANDOM] Shoot Through Walls Bullets per Shot [1...10] Add Hero Mode HP Add Hero Mode AP Add Hero Mode DP Add Hero Mode EXP Hero Points [1...100] Hero Points Key [K, P] OPK Hero Monsters Only Virtual Jump Value [100...300] Virtual Jump [OFF, ON] Settings Show FPS Show Watermark MAC Spoof ( Deleted ) Custom Name #1: Custom Name #2: Restore Default Settings: Save Settings Load Settings
  6. Would anyone here be interested in a public?
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    Zero cheats

    Please checkout my cheats as I learn :)
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    Staff Introduction

    Add staff section