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    Hey happy to release my first big sf2 cheat for gamemerk, please feel free to share it around! Credits: danozombie for the menu and features Crosshatch for xigncode and loader stuff and crash fixes Download & Instructions (Please read instructions on the download page!!) Features Aimbot Enable Aim Aim Key [RMOUSE, LMOUSE, SHIFT, L ALT, ALWAYS] Aim By [DISTANCE, FOV, HP] FOV Angle [1...45] HP Limit [0...99] Aim Position [RAND, HEAD, CHEST, HAND] Bone Refresh Time [0...100ms] Auto Fire Smooth Aim [0...5] Silent Aim Smart Accuracy Hard Lock ESP 3D Enable ESP [ENEMY, TEAM, BOTH] Name ESP Distance ESP Health ESP Bone ESP Head Circle ESP Bounding Box [OFF, 3D, 2D] Laser ESP Alien & Zombie ESP Snap Lines Grenade ESP Im Dead ESP Show Player Stats Enemy Visible [RED, ORANGE, YELLOW] Enemy Invisible [RED, ORANGE, YELLOW] Team Visible [BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW] Team Invisible [BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW] ESP 2D Enable Radar [OFF, ON] Enemy Color [RED, ORANGE, YELLOW] Team Color [BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW] Border Color [BLACK, WHITE, RED, BLUE] Quadrant Color [BLACK, GREY, WHITE, RED, BLUE] Background Color [GREY, WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN] Background Opacity [0...255] Radar Scale [25...200] Radar Size [50...400] Move Radar Player CrossHair [OFF, ON] CrossHair Size [5...100] Unl.Ammo Mode [OFF, ON] Always Throw Weapon on Death Full Weapon Auto Range Hack Burst Fire [OFF, ON] No Recoil No Spread Triggerbot [OFF, ON] Change Name [OFF, ON] No Flash No Smoke No Respawn Cost Auto Respawn [OFF, M, < X HP] Respawn on HP [10...99] No Bullets Gravity Auto Switch (QQ) Special Enable OPK [OFF, ON] OPK Target [ENEMY, TEAM, BOTH] OPK Key [EVER, L] OPK Damage Type [C4, GRENADE, TURRET, NULL] OPK Bone [HEAD, CHEST, RANDOM] Shoot Through Walls Bullets per Shot [1...10] Add Hero Mode HP Add Hero Mode AP Add Hero Mode DP Add Hero Mode EXP Hero Points [1...100] Hero Points Key [K, P] OPK Hero Monsters Only Virtual Jump Value [100...300] Virtual Jump [OFF, ON] Settings Show FPS Show Watermark MAC Spoof ( Deleted ) Custom Name #1: Custom Name #2: Restore Default Settings: Save Settings Load Settings
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    Thanks Please all feel free to share this around so we can get more members on gamemerk! :)